Bleach chapter 336 review

This is review of bleach 336

Page 1: Closeups of Matsumoto and Hinamori looking shocked at the Chimera, saying stuff like “lyk omg what does that do?” (JK)
Page 2: Apache, Mila-rose, and Sun-sun explain the Chimera (aka, the talk show)
Page 3: Chimera attacks with whatever it can do… Matsumoto and Hinamori prepare for counterattack.
Page 4: Cut to Ukitake and Lilinette. Maybe Ukitake will pull out a giant lollipop?
Page 5: Cut to Hitsugaya and Halibel. Maybe we’ll see some action, finally.
Page 6: Hopefully more on Hitsugaya and Halibel
Page 7: Cut to Stark and Shunsui. Maybe we’ll see Shunsui fighting with both swords
Page 8: Stark and Shunsui exchange witty banter and fight
Page 9: Barragan vs. Soi Fon and Oomaeda? Barragan yells at Soi Fon, saying “omg how did u and ur fatty lozr defeat my pwnsome fraccion?”
Page 10-11: I dunno, maybe a panel showing Hitsugaya and Halibel, another showing Stark and Shunsui, another showing the 3 fraccion fights, and another one showing Barragan vs. Soi Fon?
Page 12: Hmm, back to Chimera-san. Matsumoto and Hinamori survive whatever it is because Ikkaku’s bankai protected them. The whole world is incredulous.
Page 13: Hisagi, Kira, and Yumichika take on the fraccion! (Ha, right. Wishful thinking)
Page 14: (More wishful thinking) Chimera launches another attack, and Hisagi/Kira/Yumichika pulls out a bankai (I know, so impossible)
Page 15: Chimera is defeated. Yay! But the three fraccion are planning a direct attack now.
Page 16: More witty banter from Ukitake and Lilinette. Maybe Hitsugaya stares at them wondering what the heck is going on? (lol)
Page 17: (More wishful thinking… sorry guys) Nanao makes an appearance and whoops Lilinette’s BUTT. (I am watching my language, thank you very much)
Page 18: Nanao continues kicking Lilinette’s butt. Ukitake offers candy to Nanao.
Page 19: Lilinette’s counterattack, and we’re left with another cliffhanger.

Download it in here

at  28 Nov 2008


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